What is Tooth Bonding?


Tooth Bonding Marietta

Tooth Bonding Results

Tooth bonding in Marietta, GA is a cosmetic procedure that is used to restore chipped, cracked, or broken teeth. Your professional cosmetic dentist will use a resin-based composite, which is colored to match your tooth, and then shaped to the form of your original tooth, restoring or filling any unwanted spaces. After it is placed on your tooth, it is then hardened with a special UV light to ensure it is secure. Tooth bonding will not be as secure as dental crowns orcosmetic veneers, but they are an inexpensive method for restoring teeth.

What are the Benefits of Tooth Bonding?

There are several benefits to tooth bonding, which makes them an ideal procedure for many patients who have a damaged tooth. Unlike dental crowns and veneers, there is less tooth preparation required with tooth bonding.  The biggest advantage for most patients is that it can be less expensive than other restorative work, making this procedure an ideal treatment for any patient who has a budget. Tooth bonding is the perfect solution for making those minor cosmetic changes by closing in any gaps and changing the tooth color.

What is the General Cost of Getting a Tooth Bonded?

When considering tooth bonding as an alternative method to repairing a damaged tooth, you always want to talk to your professional dentist first about cost options, as they range depending on the dentist performing the procedure as well as the location and type of damage to your tooth. At J & J Dental, we offer a variety of solutions to help you make the right decision. Give us a call today at 770-977-0100 and we will be more than happy to schedule your consultation with our Marietta Dentist.

What are the Risks With Composite Bonding?

The risks associated with this type of restoration are minimal. The biggest concern for tooth bonding as years pass by, is the durability. Compared to veneers or crowns, tooth bonding will not last as long, but with properly maintained oral health, your bonding should remain stable for many years. The difference in durability is due to the materials used in tooth bonding, which allows the bond to be molded and adhered quickly to the tooth. Taking extra precaution to care for a tooth bonding will reduce the likelihood of needing a replacement sooner than the expected life of the restoration. Precautions such as not biting down on hard foods will help to improve the longevity of your bonding and it is important to remember that they can discolor over time due to not being stain resistant. Keeping up with your maintenance and being mindful of the foods and drinks that you consume will help to preserve the original color.

At J & J Dental, we take the necessary precautions to make sure you are fully comfortable with your tooth bonding experience. If you have any questions regarding this procedure or pricing, please feel free to contactour Marietta dental office to help answer your questions or schedule an appointment online.