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Thumb sucking is a common habit formed amongst most young children as they venture into their toddler stages. Thumb sucking is thought to have started in the womb and carried on later as a comfort mechanism for children. Unfortunately, most parents are unaware that this cute, adoring habit can lead to oral problems later down the road, if not addressed early on. As your professional Marietta dentist, we are here to help resolve the underlying issues and break the habit during its early stages! Read these for tips and break your child’s habit today!


Before we fix any problem, the common saying would be that we have to acknowledge one to begin with. So let’s take a look at some of the potential reasons thumb sucking occurs.

Though children typically stop thumb sucking on their own as they begin to become acquainted with their surroundings, it can continue later on due to a variety of reasons such as:

  • Environmental stress
  • Boredom
  • Anxiety due to lack of comfort
  • Constant scolding for the habit


Addressing the issue as soon as possible will help you to understand any possible outside stresses that may be occurring, in addition to riding the possibility of dental problems as their adult teeth begin to mature.


Potential dental problems caused by thumb sucking:

  • One of the most common problems thumb sucking can cause is the misalignment of their adult teeth as they start to grow in. Adult teeth need proper room to grow healthy.
  • Dental arches can become narrowed.
  • Speech problems can occur due to possible damage to the roof of their palate.
  • As children suck on their thumbs, the motion causes a constant pulling on the upper jaw. This can bring the upper jaw forward and pushes the lower jaw back, causing an overbite.
  • Possible infections to thumbnails, which can also lead to additional infections in the mouth due to bacteria growth.

If you start to notice any dental problems occurring, contact your Marietta dental team at J & J Dental today for your next appointment.

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How to correct a thumb sucking habit:

Proper correction of this habit is key to getting the habit to stop. Most parents’ first reaction is to reprimand their children and bring attention to the habit as being bad. While this may work for some instances, you have to keep in mind that thumb sucking can be a result from stress and due to comfort. So instead of reprimanding them for the habit, praise them for the times they aren’t sucking their thumbs.

Below are a few common approaches parents have taken to get rid of the thumb sucking habits.

  • First, narrow down whether the habit happens frequently or occasionally. This will help you to determine how to approach the situation.
  • Bringing the habit to your child’s attention in a loving manner can help you to find out the cause.
  • Reward and praise your children for not sucking their thumbs. Avoids candies due to cavities. Instead, use fun stickers and stamps. Many parents have found that making a reward board helps your child to reach their goals and stop the habit early on.


Thumb sucking is a very common habit formed; so do not be alarmed if your child currently sucks their thumb. It is easy to cure and it starts with the right approach. Start with rebuilding comfort and getting them involved in activities within their surrounding environment. Working with your child early on can help resolve many oral issues that can lead to bigger problems later on as their adult teeth begin to grow in. For additional information on thumb sucking and ways to help rid the habit, contact your professional Marietta dentist during your next routine dental visit.