Over 15 million molar root canals are performed yearly in the United States. A majority of Americans are quick to overlook having a molar root canal done due to common myths such as; it is a painful procedure, it is a lengthy procedure and a root canal kills the actual tooth. In reality, root canals have come a long way and depending on your individual situation, it could be the best solution to saving your teeth from having to be removed.

What is a root canal?

A molar root canal is a simple procedure that Dr. Bishara will perform in our Marietta dental practice, in order to preserve your teeth from deteriorating. The term Root Canal is used to describe the natural cavity inside the tooth. During the decaying process, you may feel discomfort and pain due to the nerve being exposed.  The procedure does require a consultation with our experienced team to make sure this procedure is right for you, as it does require some form of anesthesia for your comfort. Root Canals may also require one or more visits into our Marietta location to check up after the procedure.

What Occurs During a Root Canal Procedure?

Molar Root Canal Marietta

Molar Root Canal

A root canal procedure can save your teeth, gums, and overall discomfort in the long run. The first step is to take an x-ray of the infected area to determine if a root canal should be your method of treatment. Then the area will be kept dry and saliva free during the procedure. After your tooth has been accessed, a small hole will be gently drilled in the center of your tooth in order for the nerve and pulp to be accessible. Then the nerve in your tooth will be gently removed.  After the exposed nerve is removed, the inside of your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned and then sealed for protection. A tooth’s nerve is not vital for the tooth to function properly. Your nerve is simply there to detect hot and cold sensations and to assist the tooth during its growing stages.

What Causes a Root Canal?

Root Canals are performed due to a severe decay in your teeth. This is a result of poor maintenance or no maintenance at all. Though decay is the number one reason for a root canal procedure, other factors can contribute as well.

– Chips or cracks in your teeth

– Repeated dental procedures done on a specific tooth that can cause irritation on the pulp or nerve

– Old metal fillings that are coming loose

– Fractures in teeth

-Abscess (infection)

– Oral Trauma

As scary as a root canal procedure may seem, the dental industry has advanced their technology to enhance procedures such as these, making it more comfortable for patients. With our highly renowned Marietta Dentist, Dr. John Bishara, Patients can now have the reassurance of experiencing a comfortable procedure. Though,root canals have a reputation of being painful; the discomfort that patients experience leading up to needing dental treatment is far more painful than the root canal procedure itself.

What Are the Signs and Symptoms?

Signs and symptoms may vary, but the most common consist of a severe toothache when applying pressure from chewing, prolonged sensitivity when consuming hot or cold substances, swelling and tenderness of the gum area surrounding the infected tooth, pimpling on the gum area, and any discoloration of the tooth. If you are experiencing any of these discomforts or signs, please make sure you reach out to your professional dentist to seek further advice. We strive on a daily basis to find the right procedure to meet your needs, budget, and personal goals.

For more information regarding root canal procedures, please contact us or schedule an appointment to visit our Marietta location today.