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Learning more and more about our human bodies is a never-ending ritual. The more our technology advances, the more we have to discover. As we continue to advance technology in the dental industry, our teeth are having more to say than ever! Not only can we determine your approximate age due to the growth cycle of your teeth, but scientists can actually distinguish your eating patterns based off the marks left on your teeth from wear and tear over time. If you think that’s interesting enough, keep reading these unique facts about your teeth and mouth to learn more about how they function!

10 Fun Facts You May Not Know About Your Teeth & Mouth:


  • You cannot taste food unless it is mixed with saliva.
  • Humans have taste buds on the inside of their cheeks.
  • It takes 17 muscles just to smile and 43 muscles for us to frown.
  • Kissing for one minute burns up to 26 calories.
  • The enamel on your teeth is the hardest substance in your body.
  • Everyone has a unique “tongue print”- similar to fingerprints!
  • In a lifetime, an average human will consume approximately 100 pounds of food.
  • One of the most common human diseases is tooth decay.
  • Each person has approximately 10,000 taste buds.
  • The average human produces 1 liter of saliva per day.


5 Sanitary Facts You Need To Know About Your Marietta Dental Care:

  •  The next time you use the restroom at your home, take a look to see where your toothbrush is located. Ideally, you want to keep it approximately 6 feet away from the bathroom area to avoid bacteria from contaminating your toothbrush after a flush.
  • NEVER share a toothbrush. If you think about it for a second, you use your toothbrush on a daily basis, multiple times, to clean out bacteria build up. If our spouses use our toothbrush afterwards, bacteria could be transmitted and lead to further infections.
  • Always change out your toothbrush after a cold, sore throat, or any oral infections to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • It is always recommended that you purchase fluoride free toothpaste for your children when first starting out their brushing methods. Swallowing too much fluoride can become harmful.
  • Keep your toothpaste and the cap away from water while brushing. This will help to keep moisture out of the tube, which could possibly preserve bacteria in the actual tube.

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Being informed has many advantages when it comes to your oral care. It is always recommended that you meet with your Marietta dental office for routine check ups. No one knows your mouth better than your professional Marietta dentist, so feel free to ask your dentist questions to improve your daily oral care routine. For additional questions regarding improving your daily care, contact our friendly staff at J & J Dental to schedule your next visit!