One of the most common questions you hear during your Marietta dentist visit is, “ Have you been flossing?” Then we sit and think about the last time we even touched floss. Sure, you bought the floss sitting in the back of your medicine cabinet, but why is such a little thing a big deal? If you consider yourself to be this patient, then you are in for a real treat with these top five reasons that will make you want to rethink your flossing method.

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Brushing + Flossing = Cleaner, Rather Than Just Brushing:

“I brush my teeth, so I am fine”, is usually the first answer most Marietta dentists get when asked about flossing methods. While brushing is great for general oral care, unfortunately, your toothbrush can only do so much. Scrubbing the top layer of your enamel with the bristles from your toothbrush will not remove the left over debris and residue between each tooth. Flossingbefore you brush can easily remove the residue and any additional decayed particles from between your teeth outward, which will then make your brushing more effective.




Don’t Forget About Your Gums!

One of the most important roles flossing plays is the cleaning of your gums. The gums that surround the bottom of each tooth houses several forms of bacteria if not properly cleaned daily. Though most toothpaste these days contains fluoride to help ride some forms of bacteria, your gum area is often missed. The more we forget to floss, the more that’s left behind, which can result in plaque build up. Plaque will harden and have to be removed by your professional Marietta dentist. To avoid this from happening, simply floss down to your gums before you brush- every time. Since your gums help to hold your teeth in place, preserving them and keeping them healthy should be a priority.

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Tarter Alert!

Nothing is more uncomfortable than sitting in a dentist chair, having tarter scraped off your teeth by your professional dentist or dental hygienist because flossing has not been done daily. When the plaque on your teeth begin to harden, it forms what is commonly known as tarter- a very stubborn oral burden.

Tarter forms around your gum line, decaying your teeth as it continues to build up, if not removed by your professional Marietta dentist. To avoid this stubborn mess, simply floss a minimum of two times per day before brushing.



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Overall Health

Most people, who do not floss, do not realize that flossing is not just important to your teeth and gums, but for your overall health as well. Aside from protecting against bad breathe, tooth discoloration, plaque build up, and other possible oral health issues, flossing can help prevent a variety of other body illnesses related to your heat, lungs, and general health. So when you look in your medicine cabinet the next time you are feeling sick, get a quick floss in and start incorporating it into your daily routine to get your health up and keep it there.




Last, but not least, flossing is a simple and easy way for you to save money. Visiting dentists more often than your usual check ups due to poor oral health, that could have been avoided, can become expensive. Start today, dust off the floss in your medicine cabinet, or buy your new pack, and begin flossing. A penny of the cost, but a lifesaver for your teeth, gums, and overall body health.

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