What is a dental implant?

Dental Implant Marietta

Dental Implant Procedure

A dental implant serves as an artificial root, firmly anchored into the jawbone, that supports a fixed or removable tooth replacement. This is one of the strongest methods for replacing a damaged or missing tooth. It acts like your natural tooth and support your individually made porcelain crown, bridge or full prosthesis.

What are the benefits of a dental implant?

One of the greatest benefits of a dental implant is strength. The post or screw of a dental implant is made out of titanium. Due to the properties of this super-strong material, your body does not recognize it as a foreign object. This means that when a dental implant is put into place, your jawbone actually grafts itself to the titanium post making it just as strong  as the original tooth and root.


  • Dental implants restore proper chewing function so you are able to enjoy foods previously too “difficult” to eat with dentures.
  • You regain the closest thing to the look, feel, and function of your natural tooth.
  • Improves your speech by eliminating or reducing the “fullness” of full or partial dentures.
  • Eliminate irritated or painful gums that come along with dentures.
  • Implants stop the progressive bone loss and shrinkage of your jawbone by “mimicking” the roots of natural teeth.
  • Unlike a dental bridge, dental implants replace missing teeth without having to prep the adjacent teeth.
  • Implants are made of biocompatible materials.

The Dental Implant Procedure


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Luckily for our patients here at J & J Dental, your Marietta dentist, Dr. John Bishara, has an extensive amount of experience working with dental implant procedures. After many years, and successfully completing this procedure hundreds of times, Dr. Bishara can easily and confidently make sure that your implant procedure goes smoothly and correctly without any complications you may have from someone less experienced.  You could call him the implant dentist! The procedure consists of a few steps, which can be done on either an in-patient or out-patient basis:

The procedure works as follows:

  • Planning – Dr. Bishara will take a look at your bone and surrounding teeth to determine exactly how and where to place your new implant based on your jaw and tooth structure.
  • Preparation –  Your tooth both will then be gently prepared in order to properly accept the titanium post.
  • Insertion – Your new titanium post is gently inserted into the bone.
  • Healing – You are then given an adequate amount of time for your jawbone to graft itself to the new titanium post. Your gums will also go through a healing stage and regrow over the surgical area.
  • Capping or Implantation – Your new tooth or bridge is then placed onto the now fully stabilized titanium post. Your tooth will now be stabilized and ready for everyday function.

A typical dental implant procedure can take up to several months to fully complete, but don’t worry, our staff is highly trained in advanced implant methods, which can often shorten the entire procedure process. In addition to providing advance treatment, we can also create retainers and other solutions to provide a temporary tooth replacement while your new implant heals.

If you would like to learn more about this procedure and how it can help you, please contact us or schedule an appointment with our team today.