Unfortunately, there are times when we encounter a damaged tooth or even worse, a missing tooth. When this happens, selecting the proper dental care is vital for proper replacement. In the event a tooth becomes damaged or missing, a dental implant may be used as a replacement. At J & J Dental, our professional cosmetic dentist- Dr. Bishara, specializes in dental implants and recommends them for a variety of reasons.

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First, Lets Take A Look At What Dental Plants Are

Dental implants are implants that are firmly anchored into the jawbone and serves as an artificial root with a fixed or removable tooth replacement. It is considered one of the strongest methods for tooth replacement, due to consisting of a titanium screw as the foundation. They are individually made and can be used to support dental crowns and bridges.

How Can A Dental Implant Benefit Me?

There are many benefits to considering a dental implant as a replacement for a damaged or a missing tooth. Below are the primary reasons we recommend them as a great alternative.

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Like mentioned above, dental implants consist of a titanium screw that is rooted into your jawbone. Unlike other metals, titanium is not recognized as a foreign object for the body, therefore allowing your gums to properly mount to it, securing it further into place. Since dental implants integrate into your jawbone, dental implants prevent bone loss and gum recession that you often see in bridgework and removable dentures.



Dental implant strength is another reason so many of our patients select them as their method for tooth replacement. Due to the fact that they can weather greater pressure than other traditional procedures, dental implants can help to restore proper chewing functions, making it easier to enjoy the foods you love on a daily basis without the worries of your tooth.

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Natural Appeal

Another great benefit for selecting dental implants as your cosmetic procedure is their aesthetic appearance. They are individually crafted to have the same natural look as your surrounding teeth. For patients who are missing one or more of their natural teeth, dental implants can also be combined with other options such as porcelain veneers to create additional aesthetic beauty that will boost the confidence in your smile for many years to come.



Unlike traditional bridgework and dentures that can cause bone loss and gum recession, dental implant patients leave with a renewed natural look, ability to chew, and the reassurance that traditional, removable restorations simply cannot provide. The support, strength, and aesthetic appeal are just a few of the many benefits dental implants have to offer. For additional information regarding your dental implant procedure,contact our Marietta dental staff at J & J Dental today for your consultation.