When will my child’s teeth come in?Childrens Dentist

Your child’s first teeth will begin coming in between three and sixteen months (usually around six months). The two bottom front teeth will be the first to come in and this will be followed by the four upper teeth in four to eight weeks. The timing of the eruption of the first tooth is largely influenced by genetics, so if there is a family history of getting the first tooth late, then your child will probably also get his first tooth late.

Your child will continue to get new teeth until he has all twenty of his primary teeth when they are three years old, with most children getting about four new teeth every four to five months. Children begin shedding their first teeth when they are around 6-7 years old, and this process is complete with the loss of the 2nd molars when they are about 11-13 years old.

Permanent teeth begin erupting at around 6-7 years of age and continues until your child gets his third molars (or wisdom teeth) when he is about 17-22 years old.

Childrens dentistWhen should I begin cleaning my child’s teeth?

Once your child’s teeth begin erupting, you can begin cleaning them by wiping them with a moist washcloth. As your child gets more teeth, you can begin to use a soft child’s toothbrush. You should use just a pea-size amount of a fluoride toothpaste or a non-fluoride toothpaste (like Baby OraGel) until your child is able to spit it out (too much fluoride can stain their teeth).

When should I bring my child for their first check-up?

We typically recommend bringing your child to our Children’s Dentist office in Marietta, GA around the age of 3.

In addition to looking for and preventing problems, an early visit to your Marietta dentist can help educate you about your child’s oral health and proper hyChildren's Dentist Mariettagiene. If your child doesn’t have any risk factors for developing cavities, such as sleeping with a cup or bottle or walking around all day with a cup of juice, and if their teeth seem to be developing normally, then you can probably wait until the child is 3 years old.

Another risk factor for getting a lot of cavities can include having a mother with a lot of cavities. Also, kids with special health care needs, later order offspring, and children from families of low socioeconomic status, are considered to be at risk for cavities and should likely see a children’s dentist early on.

If your child has any problems, such as staining of their teeth, crowding or abnormal tooth development, or if they have any risk factors for developing cavities, then they should see a dentist earlier. You may also want to see a children’s dentist if your child has any persistent habits, such as sucking their thumb or using a pacifier as a toddler or grinding their teeth at night (bruxism).

 What is done at the 1st visit for my child?

We strive to make every vchildrens dentistisit fun, especially the 1st visit. Our hygienist typically speaks with the parents first to see how sugar bugs (plaque) are being removed at home and how often and any risk factors. Oral hygiene instructions are given to both the child and parent in a very positive manner that is fun for every child. Children are given a large model of the mouth and an over sized toothbrush and are shown how to brush the sugar bugs off their teeth by our hygienist.

Next, Our Marietta Children's Dentisthygienist, will chart the erupted teeth, take any needed x-rays and polish and floss the teeth until they shine and are squeaky clean. Children love how Mr. or Mrs. Toothbrush “tickles” their teeth to remove any sugar bugs.  A fluoride treatment is always performed to help fight cavities.

Lastly, Dr. Bishara will come in and do an examination and check up on how the teeth are coming in, detect for cavities, and speak with the parents about any findings. If Dr. Bishara sees that the teeth are cavity free, he commonly recommends placing sealants to prevent the pits and fissures (grooves) from getting cavities.

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