Most Americans would not think twice about the healthy food they are buying as possibly being bad for you. The whole purpose of spending money on healthy foods and snacks is to become healthier with our diets right? In addition to overall health, your dental care could be at risk! Well, surprisingly enough, here are some of the top healthy foods that can actually weigh against you when it comes to your healthy diet options.


Granola is considered one of the top “healthy” foods to add to any diet for snacking. Though granola is great for fiber, protein, and potassium intake, it is also high in fat and calories. This popular snack is also added to other snacks such as yogurt, chocolate, and other assorted foods to give it that crunchy, sweetness we all love. Be careful though, this only adds more fat and sugar into your diet. In addition to your health, eating too much sugar can harm your oral care as well.

Suggestion: Add granola to healthy, low-calorie cereals. Also, remember to eat granola in proportions to reduce high fat and sugar intake. 


Eating Healthy Dental AdviceDried Fruits & Nuts

Dried fruits and nuts are great for snacking and are healthy because they do provide your body with vitamin C, fiber, healthy fats, and healthy protein-which are all important! One thing to look out for when purchasing this snack is what they are mixed with. Most of them are high in salt or sugars, which is not good for your health or your dental care.

Suggestion: Instead of buying them pre-mixed, grab a few selections of your own and mix them together to ensure they are salt and sugar free!


Bran Muffins

Bran is very healthy for your heart and overall body, but when you add it to muffins, you risk the nutritional value. Muffins are very high in sugars and fat, which not only go against your healthy diet regimen, but can also harm you’re the enamel on your teeth when consumed in high amounts.

Suggestion: Try eating bran alone. If you must mix it with muffins for taste, then try using healthier recipes as an alternative.


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Fruits are great for your body and provide a huge source of vitamin C, but some fruits are high in acidity and when eaten on a regular basis can cause harm to your oral care and digestive system.

Suggestion: Try eating fruits such as pineapples, oranges, and grapefruit in moderation.



When it comes to your dental care, everything you eat matters. Healthy, unhealthy, acidic foods, and foods with rich coloring can all have an affect on the coloring of your teeth and their overall health. For additional information on how you can take better care of your teeth on a daily basis, contact your professional Marietta Dental office- J & J Dental today to schedule your routine check up! Our friendly staff is available to assist you at any time.