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Since your teeth are usually one of the first things people see when they first meet you, keeping them clean and white is a must. Unfortunately, for our food lovers, there are foods and ingredients that can work against you and cause your teeth to stain. Daily brushing and flossing are key daily tasks to that can help rid your teeth of staining agents, but learning about these common teeth strainers can also help you to avoid them in mass consumption. As your Marietta Dentist, we understand that keeping your teeth pearly white is important to you. Below are the top four common foods and ingredients that people consume on a daily basis that can lead to tooth discoloration.



Food Staining Agent #1: Beets

Beets are great for a variety of reasons such as mental health and serve as a natural cleanse for your body, but they can also be harmful to your pearly whites if consumed in high amounts. Even drinking beat juice will not save your teeth from discoloration, due to a higher concentration. If you are a beet eater, make sure you brush your teeth within an hour of consumption so that the staining agents do not have time to form.


Food Stain Agent #2: Ketchup

The one ingredient that may grab you by surprise as a teeth-staining agent is ketchup. Like other fruits, tomatoes have a high level of acidity, which can cause damage to the surface of your teeth, especially when consumed on a daily basis. In addition to their acidity, tomatoes also have their red coloring that contributes to staining your pearly whites. Since ketchup is the most commonly used condiment, try eating foods such as lettuce or broccoli beforehand to create a protective barrier on the surface of your teeth. If you are not fond of veggies, make sure you pack your toothbrush when you plan on hitting the hotdog stand.


Marietta DentistFood Stain Agent #3: Berries

One of the surprising, yet commonly consumed, foods that stain your teeth are berries. Blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and cherries are enriched with antioxidants, but their dark colored skins stain teeth. Combining your berries in shakes and other fruity drinks will help to break up the skins, making them less harsh on the surface of your teeth. Do not be alarmed berry eaters, berries are very healthy choice for you to eat, you just want to make sure to snag in a quick brush when you are done enjoying these fruity delights.


Food Stain Agent #4: Curry

Last, but not least, those of you who enjoy eating curry, you may to have to consider brushing more often. This delicious Indian spice is well known for its savory flavor, but can lead to the discoloration of your teeth. The yellows and sometimes reds can be harsh on the outer surfaces of your teeth, leaving stains that are hard to get rid of.  Brushing after you consume curry can help to rid your teeth of the staining agents before they begin to form.


Dental Cleanings Marietta GANow that you have learned what common foods and ingredients can be harmful to your teeth, it is time to take charge and use the simple techniques to combat those stubborn staining agents. Brushing your teeth right after or within the hour after eating will eliminate strong staining ingredients before they form. Also, eating a few veggies before will help to add a protective coating over the surface of your teeth to help keep them safe. Maintaining proper oral hygiene with routine dental cleanings and understanding that some ingredients may be more harmful than others will help you to keep your teeth white and your smile bright for those first encounters. If you happen to sustain discoloration that is not easily removed with daily brushing, talk to your professional Marietta dentists for additional advice on Professional Teeth Whitening.